Firm: Quaker City Mercantile

Creative Director: Steven Grasse

Tamworth Garden spirits capture the essence of our distillery's own garden, as well as the fruits of Tamworth and greater New Hampshire. This pommeau combines fresh apple cider with distilled apple eau de vie.

My work consists of initial label sketches, design, & application, as well as print ads, web ads, & social media content for the pommeau.



Final Label

E-Blast // Announcing the Pommeau

Please note that all artwork contained herein may not be reproduced, edited, deconstructed or otherwise used in any manner for any purpose other than that which is intended by this transmission. Any necessary amendments to the artwork, with the exception of copy, must be approved by Quaker City Mercantile in advance. All artwork was created exclusively by Quaker City Mercantile and shall be credited as such in connection with all uses.

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